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Sweden - a nation of contrasts

Sweden had a long-established plan for a pandemic and they stuck to it. People should be sensible, Wash their hands at every opportunity, Avoid public transport & Keep a safe distance from each other …. and that was it. Closing schools was thought 'meaningless', Shutting borders was 'ridiculous', Masks were considered ‘a waste of time’ (apart from medical situations), Shops and restaurants stayed open, Sports continued, Arts, Theatre and Music kept performing. And their economy remained functioning and their future bright .. without a ‘lockdown’ in sight. WHAT A CONTRAST. ______________________________________________________
Message from Director of Public Health Wyre Forest is giving us some cause for concern. Cases of Covid-19 are rising, particularly in Kidderminster and particularly in those under the age of 50. On 1 October the infection rate for the district stood at 50 per 100,000 people, the highest in the county so far. I’m calling on all residents in the district, particularly everyone in Kidderminster and those under 50, to take this seriously. We will all come through this but right now we need you to follow the rules and stop the virus in its tracks. The virus only moves if you do, and you can stop the situation getting any worse. Let's work together to stop the district seeing more cases of Covid-19 and prevent tighter restrictions being needed. You can help stop the number of people testing positive by Staying 2 metres apart and keeping to the rule of 6 Wearing a face covering when you are required to Regularly washing your hands. If you think you have a symptom, you need to self-isolate immediately. This stops you spreading the virus. Symptoms are; A new continuous cough A raised Temperature- your chest or back are hot to the touch A loss or change to your sense of taste or smell We need you to do this to protect your community, friends and family. Thank you, Katherine Corbain _________________________________________________________________________ Death rates in hospitals HALVE: Less than 15% of patients with coronavirus are now passing away on wards... unlike during the first wave, new figures reveal Figures also reveal not a single borough in London has infections above the national average - as MPs demand to know why Mayor Sadiq has rushed city into crippling Tier Two lockdown However, Coronavirus deaths almost double in a day in Italy. At least nine European nations now see a record number of new cases & the financial markets plunge as second wave grips the continent Police say Wales's ban on English visitors from COVID hotspots is 'UNENFORCEABLE' Tory MPs accuse 'heavy handed' Mark Drakeford of 'having small man syndrome' by creating 'unconstitutional' new border The Czech Republic faces medical 'collapse' as Army builds field hospitals. Europe's number one Covid hotspot sees record 9,544 new cases WHO says Europe's coronavirus second wave 'raises great concern' but is NOT as bad as April's peak. Deaths are 80% LOWER. Visiting Restrictions A ban on visitors to hospitals in Bromsgrove, Malvern, Tenbury Wells, Pershore and Evesham has been introduced with care home visits stopped in half the county. (11/09/20) _________________________________________________________________________
Malvern Hills Councillors get it ‘wrong’ A briefing sent to Malvern Hills district councillors unintentionally misinterpreted the message from Dr Kathryn Cobain where she had not said that she was arguing that Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest alone should be placed into Tier 2 measures and the rest of Worcestershire should remain at Tier 1 (as they were known, at the time). The rising number of cases in Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest were the reason for concern. Dr Cobain released a statement saying cases that putting districts such as Bromsgrove or Wyre Forest, which have currently had the highest infection rates, into lockdown would not protect the rest of the county. “For now Worcestershire is at level one, medium risk. Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest may currently have the higher rates of infection, but that does not mean everywhere else in the county is immune to the spread of the virus. It is also not the case that Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest’s infection rates would be the cause of all the county going to tier 2. Cases are going up countywide, and it is that fact which would lead the entire county into tighter restrictions. I would remind everyone that we can keep our infection rates low, our actions can prevent the need for further restrictions, it’s in our hands.” __________________________________________________________